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Robin Ranga

Robin Ranga

In a piece littered with symbolism, Robin highlights the power of teamwork and the joy of using individual strengths towards the victory of unity.

  • Children: Our taonga, future, and hope for a united world
  • Seven: Considered the number of completeness and perfection in both physical and spiritual realms
  • Balls: A metaphor for the world the children hold in their hands. Together with their global family, the children can play the game of life with respect and harmony which requires fairness, bravery and the bouncing of ideas and dreams
  • Books: A commentary on education being key to dispelling ignorance and prejudice
  • Schoolbags: Carrying essential items for the children to grow up steadfast and flourish

Robin uses clay to draw parallels between the material characteristics of human beings: fragile, malleable and when fired with the passion of truth and belief, as solid as rock.

Robin Ranga (Ngati Mahuta) is a multi-media artist who has won recognition in both ceramics and painting.

Her initial work with woodcarving awakened her appreciation for nature’s precision, resilience and fragility. This interest in organic form and design inspires much of her work today.

Using art as a conduit, Robin strives to provoke responses of compassion, tolerance and hope for better understanding among different ideologies and perceptions.