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Kotahi te poutama and E rua te poutama are ­needlework pieces transformed into posters based on raranga and taniko patterns. The works use the universal language of weaving to comment on cross-cultural similarities and differences.

Letter to my neighbour is an emotive commentary on racism, unspoken exclusion, privilege, and the concept of home.

Each One Teach One is an illustrated portrait of people of different colours combined with dynamic and bold patterns. The piece represents one, ­harmonious, vibrant and multi-coloured community.

Kotahitanga is a collection of ten poems written by Waikato-based poets on the themes of kotahitanga (unity), manākitanga (sharing and support) and whakawhāititanga (inclusion).

US is a terracotta and paper clay piece littered with symbolism which highlights the power of teamwork and the joy of using individual strengths towards the victory of unity.

Using Takaka marble sourced from a demolished part of Wellington’s Parliament building, Roimata (teardrop) is a twisted teardrop sculpture which expresses the notion of unity; all races being victim of racism in one form or other.

Across many cultures, the circle represents unity, eternity, and serenity. Circle of Kotahitanga uses this motif to speak about the strength of under­standing and coming together.

Engage is a diverse collection of voices answering the question, ‘How can we support kotahitanga in the Waikato?’ Sand animation illustrates the answers ranging from the pragmatic to the philosophical and calls for real action towards a more united community.