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Rachel Kiddie McClure

Rachel Kiddie McClure

Rachel has created seven sculptures that give viewers a metaphorical kiss and hug. The X and O reference Matariki and remind us to look up to connect ourselves to earth.

Rachel is a Hamilton-based artist, mother of two, wife, reader, craft-maker and homebody.

Her work embraces themes of home-life, motherhood, feminism, craft, nostalgia and storytelling. She has a diverse interest in art and craft, working in multiple disciplines such as drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture, quilt-making, cross-stitch, embroidery and crochet.

Rachel uses combinations of colour, pattern, text and symbolism to explore humour in everyday life as a mum and as a woman. Fragments of sadness, rage and frustration also linger in the background of her work which help to bring about contemporary critique and a sense of familiarity.