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Sybille Schlumbom

Sybille Schlumbom

“Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction.”

Francis Picabia

Across many cultures, the circle represents unity, eternity, and serenity. Sybille uses this motif to speak about the strength of understanding and coming together.

Sybille’s work is a collection of four sets of prints made from the same woodblock onto different paper-types; Thai mulberry paper, Chinese mulberry paper, Japanese mulberry paper and English cotton paper. Displayed together, the collection of prints shows the differences yet similarities of the one image on different backgrounds.

Sybille is a practitioner and teacher of Japanese woodblock print (mokuhanga) as well as a painter and graphic artist. She is passionate about storytelling and does so in words and visuals.

With a love for print, Sybille sees this medium as a fantastic playground for the mind and an allegory to life; Defined by negative space, a print image is equally determined by what is taken and what is left behind.